One Simple Step to Keep Cats Away From Houseplants

  • Ugh – the kittens are at it again!


Ever wake up in the morning to discover your mischievous little kittens have yet again  made a horrendous mess out of a poor houseplant?

Cats love dirt and unfortunately this love can be very destructive.  Over the course of the years I have tried everything under the sun to stop this from occurring.  At one point inserting toothpicks into the soil was suggested, but alas that didn’t even work.  Not to mention the fact that I didn’t want to hurt them.

It all boils down to the fact that cats are notoriously mischievous and have a tendency to get into everything they can.  In essence, a cat may be attracted to plants for a myriad of reasons including fiber, taste, boredom, or they may just have an upset belly.

Recently my plants have been healthy, happy, and can proudly boast that no cat has decimated the soil within which they are so lovingly planted.

Cayenne Pepper!


Cayenne Pepper

Cats have a fantastic sense of smell and will stay far away from areas that offend.  In recent years many things have been tried to assault that sense of smell mostly by utilizing citrus scents.  Unfortunately, as soon as the smell starts to wear off they are right back at it.

One spice in particular has a long lasting scent that does not wear away easily – Cayenne Pepper!  This spice will easily keep your cats out of the plants for weeks at a time.


Six weeks later

This plant was sprinkled with Cayenne Pepper six weeks ago and is still kitten free.

I periodically refresh the smell after my weekly watering, but have not done so in several weeks.

Cats in a tree

The offenders!

To make a long story short!

If you love your cats, but despise the damage they can do.

Try Cayenne Pepper and it may work for you too!






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