I am Back!

Hello Bitsy Blog – long time no see.  The very day I wrote my last blog post was the day my son, Cody, was involved in a horrific accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down.


Cody and his son Remington

The months have passed slowly and understandably filled with love, compassion, anger and way too many highs and lows.  I sit here tonight believing that the best way for me to come to terms with the roller coaster of a year is to share with you.

As a reader the question may come to your mind, “How many other readers will there be?”  The answer to that question lies somewhere in the unknown zone!  The inspiration for this new blog comes from a much higher authority than myself.  I feel called to share the past year with my readers in an effort to come to terms with all that has happened, but more importantly to help other people who have gone through similar situations.

It is crazy how many day to day mundane tasks became more time consuming and so much more important.  A bath became one of the most difficult chores of the day, often times taking 2 to 3 hours to complete.  The fact that he outweighed me by about 120 pounds was not lost on me especially since my upper body strength left a lot to be desired.  Everything became a new adventure and a learning experience.

I hope you have the opportunity to read my posts and learn from my mistakes.  The journey is long and arduous, but one that can certainly be overcome especially if you ask God to help.


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